Fun Site of the Day – Music Exploratorium

Musical windwood instrument tárogató

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Have you ever wanted to visit a cool museum, but didn’t know where to find one?  Or didn’t have the time to drive clear across the country to visit the one you wanted?  Try a virtual museum.  There are a lot of virtual museums online, and here is one specifically for music!

In different areas of the site you can:

  • learn how to mix sounds (be sure to read the “what’s going on” pop-up)
  • learn how to associate different sounds that you may hear every day with other musical instruments, or nature sounds.  Plus you can make all the noise you want with the kitchen pots and pans without making a mess of the kitchen!
  • become a choreographer.  Find interesting ways of creating rhythmic dances without wearing your dancers out with endless revisions!
  • watch videos of cool experiments that people have done with music.
  • Learn about tuning, musical inventors, and more.
  • find answers to such perplexing questions as “Why do I sound better in the shower?”
  • and much, much more.

Take some time this summer to expand your musical horizons.  Visit the online musical exploratorium and really get into the music.  Some of the technology was tempermental or slow and is best viewed with a high speed connection.  You would expect that at any virtual museum though.  Next rainy or super hot day give this site a visit.  You can link to it here:


About Ms. Cyndi

Passionate about my family, my faith, and teaching music. “To teach a child to love music is to give a gift of character and beauty that will last forever.”
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