Jon Schmidt goes viral

We are lucky to have such a fun composer and performer somewhat locally.  Joh Schmidt is a favorite with many of my teen and older students.  Our local music store put together an awesome music video.  They did a brilliant job of using social networking to spread the word.  In about a week they had over 300,000 hits.  It helps that they had a very fun video too.

I encourage my students to support those performers out there who have real talent, not just who the media encourages them to support.  You won’t find this type of music on MTV or at the mall, but you will find many, many examples of less talented, much richer, so-called musicians.  Be sure to take the time to learn the difference between marketing and talent.

Have a watch of this “local” but excellent performance video!


About Ms. Cyndi

Passionate about my family, my faith, and teaching music. “To teach a child to love music is to give a gift of character and beauty that will last forever.”
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