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Yes, only four days left to claim your free pre-view copy of My Music Olympiad.  I am so excited to start using it.  My students are already starting on some of the exercises and I can already see a significant difference!  Here is a summary of what My Music Olympiad is all about.


My Music Olympiad     This set of 3 books is designed to help teach piano students music fundamentals during their warm-up time.  By using a simple set of finger numbers, we eliminate the need to worry about reading pitches and rhythm and everything else at the same time, and we can simply isolate individual aspects of playing.  Each level has a set of fundamentals that the student will focus on.  Repetition gets the fingers going, and focus on areas such as posture, dynamics, rhythm and more helps the brain concentrate on learning these important fundamentals in isolation from a performance piece.


My Music Olympiad has three levels, Bronze, Silver and Gold.  These levels allow the student to earn a medal of Bronze, Silver or Gold upon completion.  Because of the simplicity and targeted effectiveness, the exercises are effective for students of any age.  In fact, I am encouraging several of the parents to earn medals along with their students!


Bronze Level – is appropriate for the casual, or beginning student.  Areas of focus include posture, rhythm, dynamics, touch, and singing.  Fewer repetitions per day are required to progress towards completion, but more days are required than other levels.  The exercises are simpler, and are appropriate for anyone who can recognize finger numbers.  Fluency is developed with hands independently, and hands together is introduced.  “Races” require basic familiarity with the piano keyboard, and a bit of practice.


Silver Level – is designed for the student who wants to seriously progress as a musician.  More repetitions per day encourages more disciplined practice skills.  Exercises are still straightforward, and the areas of focus also include a creative category.  Much more emphasis is given to the development of playing with both hands at the same time, and a basic understanding of transposition and keys is also required.  “Races” are somewhat more theoretical, using the circle of fifths, and specific fingering for chromatic passages.  Developing an understanding of basic solfege terminology is encouraged, but optional.


Gold Level – is for the more serious, advanced student.  Many additional theoretical concepts are incorporated and hand to hand independence and coordination is emphasized.  Emphasis transitions to accuracy of repetition rather than just repetition for the sake of practice.  Transpositions, variations, form, and technique are all inter-related and exercises become as much a mental exercise as a finger exercise.  “Races” focus on more traditional pursuits such as arpeggio patterns and two octave scales.  This level will not be available with the initial release.  It is, however, expected to be released by the end of April 2013.


Everyone at our studio is excited for this new opportunity to learn and be recognized for it.  My students are already planning which level of medal they want to earn by recital time.  Don’t forget to leave a comment here to reserve your copy!




About Ms. Cyndi

Passionate about my family, my faith, and teaching music. “To teach a child to love music is to give a gift of character and beauty that will last forever.”
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