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As we’ve started working on our warm-ups, one of the first areas of focus is our posture.  Here are some of the tips we are working on.  Please feel free to add your favorite posture tips in the comment box.  Then here is your challenge for the day.  Revisit your posture as you play today!



  1. Don’t slouch!

  2. Are your feet on the floor? If your legs are too short to rest on the ground, you must either put something underneath them (phone books, or a bench designed for young players) OR cross your ankles to prevent your legs from swinging around. Some benches and stools adjust up and down easily for this purpose.

  3. Is your bench adjusted to the proper distance from the piano? You should be sitting on the front half of the bench, and your fists should touch the piano when your arms are stretched out.

  4. Are you leaning slightly forward, into the piano, feet slightly offset, with your dominant foot forward? This creates a feeling of intent and directs your energy into the piano.

  5. Are your neck, shoulder, and upper arm muscles relaxed?

  6. Keep your fingers strong and curved at the knuckles.

  7. Are your wrists too high or too low? No touching the piano!

  8. Do your fingers stay on the keys when they are not being used?

  9. Are you listening to the music you are making? No zoning off. Focus.

  10. Do your fingers stay on the keys when they are not being used?

  11. Are you listening to the music you are making when you sit properly? How would it sound to someone else? Is it interesting or dull?

  12. What are you doing with your wrists? Can you use them to create musical phrases?

  13. Play with your eyes closed to focus on your body while you play. How does your body feel? Are you incorporating all of the above?

  14. Get a camcorder or device with a video option. Have someone video you while you play. Watch your posture, your fingers, and your elbows. Are they all in their proper place?




About Ms. Cyndi

Passionate about my family, my faith, and teaching music. “To teach a child to love music is to give a gift of character and beauty that will last forever.”
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