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Passionate about my family, my faith, and teaching music. “To teach a child to love music is to give a gift of character and beauty that will last forever.”

What is the most difficult part of learning to play an instrument?

I think there are many different answers to this question.  Here are some of the top few most common answers: It is hard to find time to practice. It is hard to stay motivated. It is hard to get my fingers … Continue reading

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Pre-view Copy Missing?

If anyone was expecting a copy of the warm-up books and has not yet received it, you may have been a victim of user error on my part.  Most of the books went out, but some of them did not, … Continue reading

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  As we’ve started working on our warm-ups, one of the first areas of focus is our posture.  Here are some of the tips we are working on.  Please feel free to add your favorite posture tips in the comment … Continue reading

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Four Days Left

  Yes, only four days left to claim your free pre-view copy of My Music Olympiad.  I am so excited to start using it.  My students are already starting on some of the exercises and I can already see a … Continue reading

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Christmas Music

One of my kids is learning Christmas music in March.  He’s either 3 months behind schedule, or 9 months ahead of schedule, but maybe Christmas is such a magical time that we want little pieces of it throughout the year.  … Continue reading

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Easy Improv

The quickest and easiest way to start composing is on the black keys.  Create your own piece of music.  All black keys are “right” notes, and each can precede or follow another.  You do not need to write down the … Continue reading

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Get used to the keyboard by racing on it!  Here are a series of “races” that I like to have beginning students work on.  I’ve recently realized that even intermediate students can use a refresher on the keyboard.  To race, … Continue reading

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