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Pre-view Copy Missing?

If anyone was expecting a copy of the warm-up books and has not yet received it, you may have been a victim of user error on my part.  Most of the books went out, but some of them did not, … Continue reading

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Four Days Left

  Yes, only four days left to claim your free pre-view copy of My Music Olympiad.  I am so excited to start using it.  My students are already starting on some of the exercises and I can already see a … Continue reading

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Have you ever wanted to learn to conduct music for a group?  The LDS church has put together a top quality site with all FREE content to help you teach yourself how.  The site contains a FREE online book, with … Continue reading

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Top 10 Ways to Annoy Your Piano Teacher

Have some fun with these! 10.  Play a slow, drowsy tune for about 16 bars and then pretend to lose your place.  Its amazing that your awake and alert teacher can be so lost as well. 9.  Sing along as … Continue reading

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Hanon Exercises

I have mixed feelings about Hanon exercises.  I’m curious what other teachers have found, and how various students feel.  Here are my observations.  Feel free to comment. First, for some general background, here is the introduction by Wikipedia:The Virtuoso Pianist … Continue reading

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