Olympiad Books almost here.

I am getting so close to finishing my final update of the entire Music Olympiad series.  Keep an eye out for them to be available for purchase, just waiting for the final graphics from the artist.  In the mean time, here is a pre-view of the books that will be available.

Music Olympiad: What Level to Use:

Primer Level – Designed to foster first confidences and prepare for success.

  • For very beginners who are not yet comfortable playing on the instrument.

  • Students can successfully play and learn without being able to read the staff, read rhythms, or even know all the names of the notes!

  • Ideal for very young students or those who struggle with coordination for any reason.

  • Introduces basic musical and practice concepts.

Bronze Medal Level – Designed to get the average student started playing.

  • For very beginners, any age, staff reading not required.

  • Introduces basic concepts of posture, singing, dynamics, Tempo, and touch.

  • Ideal for anyone who is uncomfortable with their ability to read music or who just wants to focus on musicality.

  • Level 1 introduces concepts, Level 2 increases practice discipline with the same concepts.

Silver Medal Level – Designed to build skill and understanding of music.

  • For beginners who are ready to make serious progress on the piano.

  • Builds on the concepts introduced in Bronze Level. Introduces basic triad concepts and the circle of fifths. Transposition basics taught, but all exercises remain in 5 finger patterns.

  • Level 1 introduces more concepts, Level 2 increases practice discipline with the same concepts.

  • Exercises are still independent of any need to concentrate on the staff.

Gold Medal Level – Designed to challenge the beginning student.

  • For advanced beginners to solidify their musical abilities and theoretical understanding.

  • Introduces and develops the concept of perfecting practices.

  • Level 1 introduces concepts, Levels A and B increase practice discipline and expand to develop competence in all keys.

  • Includes focus on scales and arpeggios, expanding beyond 5 finger applications.

  • All concepts are taught and practiced independent of staff reading skills!

Platinum Medal Level – Branching out, getting fancy.

  • Leave the 5 finger position, learn fingering tricks.

  • Learn proper fingering without worrying about reading the right note from the staff.


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